What is NICE?

NICE stands for Nordic Initiative Clean & Ethical, and NICE Fashion stands for Nordic Initiative Clean & Ethical Fashion. NICE is a project under the Nordic Fashion Association.

The Nordic Fashion Association was initiated in 2008, after Danish Fashion Institute, Oslo Fashion Week, The Swedish Fashion Council, Helsinki Design Week and Iceland's Fashion Council had met to cooperate with The Nordic Council of Ministers to launch Nordic Look during Riga Fashion Week.
This resulted in a unique collaboration.

The five Nordic organizations quickly realized that they were each trying to get their respective industries to act more responsible and sustainable, and wanted to help struggling designers and textile companies to source in accordance with the Nordic innate values which reflect a need to protect the environment and a wish to behave fairly and just.

In a word: NICE.

Which brings us to nicefashion.org: nicefashion.org is a web tool for consumers, designers and people involved in the textile business, as well as a forum where professionals can find resources and exchange information. Based on the cradle-to-cradle principle, the site aims to inspire towards more environmentally safe and ethical design and sourcing; while involving the customer in the process through wash, care and prolonged-use issues.

With best practice examples, innovative design and news of industry break-through, we aim to inspire and give food for thought. We also feature the main projects which NICE is involved in, and give in-depth follow-up on these. Our major cooperative partners are given a chance to share their research and resources, through links and highlighted features. The aim of nicefashion.org is to be accessible and inspirational enough to move the industry and consumers towards both more sustainable production and consumption. Pål Vasbotten (Oslo Fashion Week) and Tone Skårdal Tobiasson (independent media professional) have developed the site in cooperation with Square™ and Klapp. They would like to thank Innovation Norway; The Norwegian Royal Ministries for Foreign Affairs, Children and Equality (Consumer Division), and the Environment; as well as Norad (Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation) for funding the web-site, and the Nordic Fashion Association for believing in the idea.