Wool reports

After two trips to the UK the fall of 2010, and two trips to the West and North-West coast of Norway in 2011, we have collected a lot of information. To make it accessible for people in the wool project and other interested parties, the reports are available in sequential order: UK first - then Norwegian "tours de wool" (1 and 2), pdf's with pictures from Bradford and the two Norwegian trips, are posted on the side here.

Report from Haworth Scouring and Curtis Wool Direct
Haworth Scouring is where most of the Norwegian clip is scoured and treated by Curtis Wool. In Bradford we met with Martin Curtis of Curtis Wool Direct, who took us to Haworth Scouring Company, which they own (Curtis Wool Direct is 50% owned by Nortura). On our way there he explained that even though Norwegian sheep are not dipped, they can only market the same wool as “virtually chemical-free” as there is no system of guaranteeing that this is the case. Though they could test and guarantee this at their facilities, but the cost would probably be prohibitive.

Tour de wool 1 and 2
These two reports cover a visit to Rauma Ullvare where we attended a wool classifying course along with classifiers from wool stations all around Norway. Both Norilia and Fatland were present. The second trip was a trip with the second year students at KHiO, where several mills and factories were visited. This is a rather lengthy report, with a conclusion at the end that sums up both trips.