Here we have several resources that are helpful in your work with CSR and environmental issues. As the world of textiles and production becomes more an more transparent, we will certainly make the newest and most innovative resources available, once they have been deemed helpful and applicable.
EcoMetrics is a simple on-line calculator that enables you to compare the environmental impacts of different textile products and processes. If you are pro-environment then EcoMetrics is for you. If you are massively cynical of the green movement then EcoMetrics is for you. And if you are simply confused and want to learn some facts then EcoMetrics is for you.
The Norwegian organization Virke has developed a chemical tool for textiles, meant primarily to be a tool for buyers - both in smaller stores and big chains. The tool is also useful for consumers and for designers, since it covers more or less all chemicals involved in textile production. The tool also includes worksheets, so one can use these with factories and other suppliers.
The NICE manual is a comprehensive guide for the Textile Industry, which is meant to assist you in upholding the 16 principles that constitute the Code of Conduct. The electronic version of the Code of Conduct is now available.

Textile vocabulary is not easy. The experts tend to rattle on using technical and chemical terms. Hopefully we can help clear some of the fog...

The world of eco-labels and socially responsible labels and certifications can be a jungle. We prefer not to rank or favor one over the other.