Nordic Initiative, Clean & Ethical

The Sustainable Fashion Academy (SFA), a founding member of NFA, has been advising, educating and training senior management and professionals from leading apparel brands and retailers since 2008.

Enhancing local value chains in Norway: KRUS means “crimp” and Norwegian wool is known for its exceptional crimp (“bounce”), luster and durability. 

Consumers have a significant part to play in the process of transforming the fashion industry towards more sustainable business models. However, at present, they are limited in their influence by several factors.

The Vikings’ textiles were technically superior, beautiful and functional. They decorated residences, ships and people, and kept them warm and dry. The tightly woven sails in wool brought them across the seas and enabled cultural exchange and trade; also of textiles.

From textile waste to material resources in a grave to cradle perspective: How can a multidisciplinary approach to waste reduction contribute to reduce the material flow and turning waste into material resources?

We've called the project "Valuing Norwegian Wool". Starting in March 2010, this project will be launched under SIFO, in cooperation with NICE, among others.

The five Nordic countries have collaborate on a vision for the fashion- and apparel industry. The vision works within five areas that are critical for our planet, the people who live on it - but also make good economic sense. Doing the right thing is also good for profits.