This is a list of the project-partners who were part of the original grant-application. Since then we've been contacted by several parties who want to be part of this project, and later on we will also publish these organizations and names. But for now, meet the project-partners that have been with us all the way.

Here are the partners in the Valuing Norwegian Wool project. SIFO heads up the project in collaboration with several different partners, both in Norway and internationally. We have listed everyone for your information and will be linking up to their home-pages so that you can read more about them there.


Norwegian National Institute for Consumer Research: Arne Dulsrud, Ingun Grimstad Klepp, Charlotte Bik Bandlien and Sara Almgren are all involved at some level on this project

Norsk Sau og Geit
Signe Dahl
The Norwegian Association of Sheep and Goat Farmers is the farmers leading organization lobbying the grocery/food processing industry, the other agricultural organizations, Norwegian authorities, politicians and other actors in the social debate.

Norilia BA
Kristin Orlund

Fatland Ull
Ingolf Olsen
Wool collecting and trade company, handles 25% of the total Norwegian clip.

Animalia/Fagtjenesten for ull
Sissel Berntsen
The Wool Advisory Service's aim is to stimulate high quality wool production by promoting correct wool grading and handling.

Rauma Ullvarefabrikk/Røros-Tweed
Arnstein Digernes

Bodil Korshamn

Arild and Gunnar Myhr

HSH, hovedorganisasjonen for handel og tjenester i Norge
Bror William Stende
The Federation of Norwegian and Service Enterprises

Norsk Industri/TEKO bransjeforening
Tor Erik Haanes-Larsen

Kirsti Bræin, Dagfinn Skoglund, Theodor Barth

Sissel Isachsen, Marit Næss, Bodil Gjertrud Svaboe

Casper Boks

Tore Gulden

Norwegian Fashion Institute
Gisle Mardal, Kristina Hjelde
A network organization created by and for the Norwegian Fashion Industry.

Tone Skårdal Tobiasson
Nordic Initiative Clean & Ethical Fashion coordinates several projects on sustainable design, collaborating with national and international organizations and building awareness among consumers.

OIKOS - Organic Norway
Maiken Pollestad Sele
The National association for organic production and consumption, currently working on a pilot project on Norwegian organic wool for production of clothes, in cooperation with designers and spinners/knitters.

2025 Design
Kjersti Kviseth


Alice Cohen and Heather Collie
UK Dep. For Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

The RITE Group (Reducing the Impact of Textiles on the Environment)

Colour Connections
Phil Patterson

EPEA (Cradle To Cradle via 2025 Design)
Kjersti Kviseth

Europen Outdoor Group

The Textile Institute Sustinable, Environmental and Ethcal Special Interest Group
Vanessa Knowles

Bath School of Art and Design
Dr. Joanne Turney

Copenhagen Business School
Ass. Prof. Lise Skov

University of Leeds
Prof. Richard Blackburn