Watch the Fashion Summit in full

Johan Arnø Kryger
Posted on
Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Were you one of the unfortunate people that missed the Copenhagen Fashion Summit? Or do you simply want to relive it?  All the great speeches from the Summit are now online, ready to be viewed.

On the morning of April 24, the foyer of Copenhagen Opera House was buzzing with excitement and optimism from the 1200 guests waiting to go through the big stodgy doors to attend the 2014 Copenhagen Fashion Summit. Participants from all over the world the participants flocked to Copenhagen to be a part of the conference which was focused on securing the future of sustainability in the fashion industry.

Below you can read a recap of the Summit or you can go watch the speeches right away at; copenhagenfashionsummit

Inspiring speakers
Throughout the day the conference was filled with inspiriting speakers who presented their view of sustainability. A total of 23 speakers took the Summit stage including Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Alan Roberts (Bangladesh Accord), Helena Helmersson (H&M), Livia Firth (Eco Age), Vanessa Friedman (Fashion Editor of the Financial Times) among others.

The speeches covered a broad range of topics within sustainability across the fashion industry, however, all revolved around the main topic of sustainable solutions. For example there were pointers on innovate materials as well as 5 easy steps for guidelines for designers to become more sustainable. One of the panel debates, which was about fast fashion heated up between Livia Firth and Helena Helmersson. This debate gained great media attention for its bluntness.

This date was also the 1-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy where a fabric factory collapsed and killed over 1,100 people. Therefore the Summit was focused on the social and environmental responsibilities of the global fashion industry and the workers behind the production of the garments we wear. Alan Roberts spoke about how the industry can avoid another Rana Plaza accident and what tasks the Bangladesh Accord is doing to elude another tragedy from happening again.

The launch was launched at the Summit. is a care label informing consumers about how to treat and care for their clothes and garments. has already gained great support from the fashion industry. One of the avid supporters is Stella McCartney, who says:

“ The really great thing about Clever care is it’s easy. Every time you look at your care label inside your clothes you will see the Clever care symbol and it is going to remind you of a more efficient way to clean your clothes”

A sustainable runway show
Midday the Summit guests held a break from al the speeches and got some fresh air when a sustainable runway show took place outside of the Opera House. The runway show featured 12 Nordic fashion brands, which had been challenged to design sustainable outfits to prove that sustainable fashion can be just fashionable and desirable as its traditional counterpart.

Fashion Summit makes a difference
Copenhagen Fashion Summit acts as a front-runner of sustainable fashion and thus plays a huge role in fighting for sustainability in the fashion industry. By gathering leading voices from the fashion industry. The Summit hopes to encourage the industry to be more transparent and to view sustainability as a business model. Thereby the industry can learn to embrace the challenges by acknowledging them and taking action.