Redress your wardrobe

Johan Arnø Kryger
Posted on
Thursday, 12 June 2014

The theme of this year's Copenhagen Fashion Summit theme was sustainable solutions, which Fashion Exchange was a prime example of. A big clothes swopping event where clothes gets new owners and thereby prolonging its life. The great success of the swapping fair is repeated when another Fashion Exchange takes place during Copenhagen Fashion Week in August 2014.

Fashion Exchange is hosted by Copenhagen Fashion Festival and was held for the second time April  26,2014 at the Copenhagen City Hall square. Fashion Exchange is a big swopping event where the only requirements to gain access is that you bring clothes, which you no longer use.

Studies shows that one-third of the clothes we own, has not been used within the last year and that 80% of the clothes we throw away has up to 75% left of its lifetime. This is exactly why Danish Fashion Institute has initiated and hosted the Fashion Exchange fair.

By passing on and reusing your wardrobe you actively help reduce the environmental impact. This can minimize the amount of clothing thrown in the trash every year, which results in resources being wasted.

Vanessa Friedman, fashion editor of Financial Times, held a speech at Copenhagen Fashion Summit about how important it is to invest in the right items for your wardrobe. “Today fashion is disposable and it is suppose to be” but generations ago the wardrobes were sustainable since people saved up and cared for clothes and used it for decades. It is about emphasizing the value proposition inherent in each item you buy and consciously selecting it.

                                                            »Reduce, Revise, Regularise«

Visually seeing how much clothes there is on the tables can create some awareness and get the consumers to actively reduce their future purchases and also refrain them from hoarding.

"It's scary how much clothes is discarded or simply not used. That, combined with the critical resource shortage of today means that we cannot keep going in this direction. We have to integrate new patterens of consumption." - Eva Kruse, CEO of Danish Fashion Institute

40% of the environmental impact happens in the households, which means that consumers have a huge impact on the enviroment in the way that they treat garments. guides the consumers in the right direction. The guidelines are as flollows; don’t wash too often, lower the temperature, hang clothes out to dry, bring clothes in the shower while showering to steam, and last but not lease only dry-clean when necessary.

The fair and the noble intent have been joined by a number of partners. Which includes:

- Soundvenue: Music and fashion magazine. More info here soundvenue

- Regastro: Who served homemade zero waste food samples - More info here; regastro

- Guld&Løvenholdt, the creators of The Up cycled Exhibition.More info here guldoglovenholdt

- Elana Langer. American Artist who showcased transparency in the production phase of the fashion industry. More info here whatiliveby

Help prolong the lifetime of clothes by joining the swopping movement at the next Fashion Exchange during Copenhagen Fashion Festival in August 2014.