MADE-BY is engaging Nordic fashion brands and retailers on sustainable fibres

Sara Warming
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Tuesday, 20 September 2016
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As part of ECAP - the European Clothing Action Plan – programme partner MADE-BY is now signing up brands and retailers from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway who are interested in participating.

Launched in May 2016, ECAP is an ambitious new programme that is working to create a circular approach to fashion in order to achieve significant reductions in the environmental impact of clothing sold on the European market. Its holistic and innovative approach encompasses sustainable design, production, public procurement, consumption, collection and recycling through to reprocessing.

As part of this circular approach, MADE-BY is engaging with 50 European fashion brands and retailers to support the development and implementation of bespoke sustainable fibre strategies. Given the importance of the Nordic fashion sector within Europe, Nordic brands and retailers have a key role to play within ECAP and the evolution of the European fashion sector towards a circular model.

By participating, brands and retailers benefit from subsidised support in order to understand the current environmental impact of their fibre footprint and to develop a strategy to reduce this impact, through the selection of more sustainable alternatives. MADE-BY will support the implementation of the fibre strategy, with the aim of reducing individual carbon, water and waste impacts by an average of 10% in each of these areas.

Participating brands and retailers have a unique opportunity to:

Measure their fibre footprint and understand their current fibre breakdown

Assess their environmental impact as a result of current fibre choices

Develop a bespoke sustainable fibres strategy, to reduce environmental impact and to strengthen the brand’s broader sustainability strategy

Implement a bespoke sustainable fibre strategy

Engage key stakeholders through demonstrating measurable improvements

Join a collaboration of forward-thinking brands, retailers and product designers leading on embedding a circular economy approach to fashion across Europe 

Specifically, brands and retailers will undertake five principal steps:

  1. BASELINE. A (confidential) baseline fibre footprint will be completed by MADE-BY, utilising established industry benchmarking tools
  2. STRATEGY. A bespoke fibre strategy workshop will be conducted
  3. IMPLEMENTATION. Tailored support will be given to help implement your strategy during the course of 2017 and 2018
  4. ENGAGEMENT. ECAP events and communications will enable you and other participants to share the learning across the ECAP network, in support of promoting best practice across the sector. Specifically, Knowledge Hubs are being established to provide a unique learning forum
  5. ENDLINE. A (confidential) endline fibre footprint will be completed to measure improvements achieved as a result of implementing your fibre strategy 


Founded in 2004, MADE-BY is an award-winning not-for-profit organisation acting to improve environmental and social conditions within the global fashion industry. For more information and to sign up, please contact MADE-BY directly at info@made-by.orgPlaces are limited to 50 and are filling quickly.

MADE-BY is one of five ECAP partners working collaboratively on a variety of action areas encompassing the entire clothing supply chain. For more information on ECAP go to