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Tone Skårdal Tobiasson
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Saturday, 24 October 2015
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Oslo’s Design and Architecture Centre (DogA) will house a conference that aims to go beyond talking heads to implementing concrete action. The speaker line-up boasts Vincent Stanley and Nellie Cohen from Patagonia, Paul Dillinger from Levi’s, Alan AtKisson from AtKisson Group and Christian Eide Lodegaard from Scandinavian Business Seating.

But to get down to the nitty gritty, Kjersti Kviseth (2025design) and Tone Tobiasson ( will hike up their (probably woolen) shirt-sleeves and debunk the myths and myriad of misunderstandings around the many labelling and eco-ethical initiatives the textile sector is currently being swamped by. They will also talk about a new and exciting cooperation between Norwegian sports and woolen companies working on a squeaky clean value-chain, in cooperation with Innovation Norway, RESP, IWTO, Textile Exchange, Schoeller and Vlnap – to mention a few of the international partners.

Focus on a 100% local value chain – also for wool – will be the theme for Lodegaard’s talk about a furniture textile project inspired by a research project called Valuing Norwegian Wool. The result is stunning, and turns out the textile is so versatile it can also be used for outerwear. When it comes to longevity and durability, the raw material has exceptional qualities that will ensure a “forever” (more or less) life. Thus knowledge about the actual properties of a given raw material in the design process is pivotal to ensure good use and adhering to the first rule of the waste hierarchy: avoid waste.

This is also the focus of Patagonia’s Worn Wear program.“We want to make it cool to appreciate vintage/used gear with high quality," says Nellie Cohen, who will be high-lighting how the consumer or rather user, needs to change their relationship with their wardrobes. Change is also the theme for Øystein Hagen (Scandinavian Design Group) who will launch Trippel Textile. Based on their work with the food sector (Trippel Food), SDG will launch their textile sector initiative to unravel the textile “knot”. How Levi Strauss works with sustainable issues will certainly inspire the creative ideas the sports and textile sector sorely need in order to implement actual change. As Alan AtKisson’s company has carried out over 300 sustainability projects in almost 50 countries, it is easy to see that our key note speaker is a man of concrete action and actual behavior change. He has written several books, among others The Sustainability Transformation: How to Accelerate Positive Change in Challenging Times (Earthscan 2011). “With a uniquely principled and whole-system approach addressing the pressing challenges of our time, AtKisson Group supplies fresh ideas, well-tested experience and best practices.”

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