Finland takes on NFA presidency in 2016

Sara Warming
Posted on
Thursday, 17 December 2015
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As always, the presidencies of NFA and the Nordic Council of Ministers go hand-in-hand and in 2016 Finland is to take on the role. Leading up to the Finnish presidency, participants at this year’s NFA meeting in late November discussed the opportunities for getting further involved with the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Due to the common mission of creating initiatives and solutions beneficial to all the Nordic countries, it continuously makes much sense for the NFA to stay up-to-date with the agenda of the Nordic Council of Ministers. A report from the Nordic Council of Ministers this autumn reveals that the programme for the Finnish presidency will focus on water, nature and people. Unspoiled nature and clean water is part of the Nordic DNA and the expertise and technological know-how the Nordic countries possess are important when trying to solve the global climate challenges we are currently facing.

A recent report produced by the Sustainable Business Group for the Sustainable Fashion Academy (SFA) and Global Leadership Award in Sustainable Apparel (GLASA) yet again draws attention to the consequences of the global fashion industry, this time focusing on water. The immense use of water in the fashion industry is center of attention and is referred to as the elephant in the boardroom; an issue impossible to ignore.

Creating alignment between the efforts of NFA and the Nordic Council of Ministers will make it easier for the NFA to affect the political agenda, wherefore it will be highly prioritized under the Finnish presidency. Water is an obvious area for the NFA and Nordic Council of Ministers to find common grounds and can potentially become the means to increase focus on sustainable fashion in the Nordics. Emphasizing nature and clean water as part of the Nordic DNA, one must also drum up some support for NFA’s sustainability agenda and acknowledge that the fashion industry’s resource waste is untenable.