Fashioning Sustainability in Reykjavik

Johan Arnø Kryger
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Monday, 7 April 2014
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During this year’s DesignMarch in Reykjavik, Iceland, Deloittle Sustainability and Icelandic Fashion Council invited to an afternoon debate where the Icelandic designers, Bóas Kristjánsson (KARBON), Guðrún Ragna Sigurjónsdóttir (As We Grow) and Elínrós Líndal (ELLA), shared their experience in incorporating sustainability into their designs and processes, followed by discussions on the business potential of Corporate Social Responsibility lead by Deloitte’s Anne Mette Christiansen as well as NICE’s vision for sustainability as a driver for change presented by Johan Kryger from the Danish Fashion Institute. 

The Icelandic fashion industry is very keen when it comes to sustainability and it is not only a few tree huggers but a broad representation of the industry. E.g. Bóas Kristjánsson’s brand Karbon is a high-end luxury brand adding unique storytelling by using new innovative materials like milk fibres and fish skin. And the fact that brands like Farmers Market or Jõr by Gudmundur Jõrundsson both show during Reykjavik Fashion Festival (RFF) just underline the notion that Iceland is truly becoming front-runners in the green transition.

(above Icelandic fashion designer Bóas Kristjánsson)