The New Nordic Fashion exhibition

NEW NORDIC FASHION is an exhibition showcasing Scandinavian fashion design and the Scandinavian region’s tradition and dedication to sustainability. The exhibition is a testimony to the innovative and progressive spirit of the Scandinavian countries that has resulted in a position as front-runners within sustainable fashion without compromising quality and aesthetics.

Sustainable fashion is gaining increasingly more momentum worldwide and the New Nordic Fashion collection is a living proof that sustainable fashion can be as cool, sexy and desirable as conventional clothes.

The NEW NORDIC FASHION collection gathers leading Scandinavian designers and brands such as David Andersen, Marimekko, Filippa K, Designers Remix and Barbara ì Gongini, who have all created extraordinary styles according to sustainable principles. The collection was conceived prior to the world’s largest event on sustainable fashion, Copenhagen Fashion Summit, and is brought to life in the exhibition in the interplay with beautiful visual elements.

The exhibition is a unique chance to discover sustainable fashion from a whole new angle as the collection includes outfits made from unexpected and innovative resources such as milk, fish skin, bamboo and recycled plastic bottles.

The exhibition is made in collaboration with Danish curator Ditte Marie Lund, who has invited the artists group Dark Matters to create the visual filmic expression and designer Cæcilie Parfelt Vengberg to create an overall identity for the exhibition in the shape of beautiful handmade masks made entirely from recycled materials. For more information about the exhibition and how to host the exhibition, a runway show or a seminar please contact