Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2012

The 2012 Copenhagen Fashion Summit was of today the world's largest event on sustanability in fashion. 1043 key industry stakeholders of the fashion indusry form 27 different countries were gathered in Copenahgen to share insights and identify new opportunities and forward-looking solutions for the global fashion industry to tackle the growing environmental challenges. Focus of the 2012 Copenhagen Fashion Summit was to discusss ways how to involve and engage consumers in sustanable consumption.

The Fashion indusrt successfully outlined a framework for engaging consumers in sustainable consumption of fashion, which was handed over to the 2012 Danish Eu Presidency and the European Cmmission. The framwork was alos presented at the UN conference Rio+20 negotiations June 2012.

Cool sustainable fashion and demands for a sustainable future
The summit included a spectacular runway show at the Copenhagen Opera House with 15 Nordic top designers.

The new generation of designers and business excuatives were given a voice and a platform to influence the future fashion industry. More than 100 students form across the world presented seven demands to the established industry that they found nessecary in order to retain an industry they would like in inhared.