Welcome to the web-tool for designers and textile producers

NICE is not a label or a certificate. It is a badge, though, a badge of honour, which binds you to always strive towards more sustainable sourcing, production, logistics and towards transparency. We will help you along the way, but our hope is that you will help us too. Every set-back can be a potential step-forward, if you are willing to share it with others in the same situation.
We will share your stories if you will share them with us. NICE may stand for Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical, but this a global concern and though we as a geographical cluster would like to be at the forefront in this work – we are humble to the fact that no one can stand alone in the textile industry which reaches every corner of the world and where some of the most severe problems are in countries far away from fashionable stores in Northern Europe.

NICE is a tool. Actually more than a badge. We will give you arenas to meet and discuss your many obstacles (and there will be many!) on your way towards sustainability and transparency. We will not be able to hold your hand every step of the way, but you may be able to offer someone else a helping hand – and by doing so contributing to the over-all goal of this site: Making this world of fashion and garments a nicer place.

We will not able to hold your hand every step of the way

So what are the most important steps you as a professional can take? If we look at the industry as a whole, over-production and the enormous amounts of textile waste going to landfill is the biggest problem. Within this scope is also the over-use of chemicals, energy and water in cotton and man-made fibres, the dominant textiles in use. Don’t be over-whelmed. The consumer is part of this problem too, and educating them is part of our mission. It is, however, a claim that decisions made by the designer initially has a profound impact on the ecological and social footprint of a garment. Depending on where you are in the professional cycle, we will offer you concrete advice. Along with sources, links and other relevant resources. Have fun, we plan to!

Cotton and polyester dominate – consider the alternatives!
We are drowning in cheap fashion – quality should be the new black!
Can slow fashion and moving production closer to your market be an option?
Think through all your logistics and marketing-strategies one more time! (And then one more time!)
You influence the consumer in the user-phase! Be brave!
Design can influence the entire life-cycle of a garment!