Is it a problem that most of our clothes come from China and India?

Since raw materials come from so many geographical regions and production may take place on several continents, not to mention that global companies have stores in every corner of the world – it is obvious that a piece of clothing has clocked more miles by the time it enters your closet than many people do in an entire lifetime! There is little impact a consumer can have on this complicated puzzle, unless you chose to buy locally produced clothes (but keep in mind that the fabric or the raw materials for the fabric may very well have travelled far and wide already – a rule of thumb being that the cheaper the clothes the furthest they have been). What is most important, though, is mode of transportation. Most big companies ship by sea and land, and avoid air because of the cost more than to save the environment. But scrutinizing the logistics of transport can make an impact. (Can the clothes be sent by rail rather than trailers, can companies coordinate shipments with others?). And what about your habits? Do you drive to the shopping mall, or ride your bike? That counts too!