Sick leave

Sick leave

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All workers should be able to leave without any negative repercussions if they are sick or have stipulated annual leave. If a worker is injured during work, the factory should pay any costs not covered by the national health system.

A healthy and stable workforce is the backbone of every viable business. Sick workers should therefore be allowed to stay home until they have recovered. A sound health and sickness policy demonstrates respect for and valuation of the workers, which in the end results in a better and more dedicated work force as well as a higher productivity.


  • Have a health and sickness policy that states clearly what happens if an worker gets sick or injured
  • Clearly inform workers about the health and sickness policy when they are hired
  • Provide workers with a copy of the health and sickness policy in easily understandable language
  • Keep records of social security transactions, industrial injury insurances and the paid sick leave accorded, for at least two years

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