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Green-washing in the fashion sector – let’s scrutinize the claims!

In many ways the focus on sustainable design has been on raw materials (organic cotton, etc) and on production – since the impacts are so enormous. But responsible companies should also make sure their own routines mirror their commitments towards making this world a better place. These can be small steps and simple actions, but they all add up in the long run.

Do we really need three-for-the-price-of-two?

How much packaging is used and is it recyclable or recycled? What sort of information do you get about the product and are they honest also about their short-comings? Does the company have an energy-saving plan: For its stores, offices, ware-houses?

Maybe it’s time to give honour to those fashion labels or clothing companies who take a hard look at their advertising strategies and think through how to avoid waste and unnecessary emissions also in this area.

Are sizes and clothes constructed so that costumers easily find what fits, to avoid unnecessary returns or that you have to wash them unnecessarily just to get them back in shape? And do we really need three-for-the-price-of-two?

There are several certifications and labels for textiles, but read more about them under "resources". Be aware that many can only certify raw material or fabrics, not the finished product.

However tempting it is: You probably don't need three new t-shirts, seldom even two. Maybe not even a single one!

Avoid all sorts of extra packaging, it's wasteful and unneccessary - how ever tempting it makes your purchase look.