Certifications and labels for textiles

The world of eco-labels and socially responsible labels and certifications can be a jungle. We prefer not tp rank or favor one over the other. If you want to get the most up-to-date guide, you can purchase it here.

Sustainable certifications cover many attributes of the fiber, fabric and garment sectors of the global market, and sorting through them to find out which - if any - would be best for you is quite a feat. There are also organizations (like the Ethical Trade Initiative) who prefer to that companies always strive to better themselves, and therefore do not have a standard or certification.

A new standard?
Currently the Sustainable Appearal Coalition is working with the Higg Index and perhaps this will become a consumer facing standard some time in the future. In the meanwhile you will have to accept that there is no unifying standard that covers both environmental and ethical standards that the fashion and appearal business has agreed on.