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The fashion industry has often been blamed for promoting a body image ideal of extreme thinness, contributing to eating disorders and poor body image among people whose bodies do not conform to the idealised image. Be aware of the impact of the fashion industry on body image ideals, especially among young people. Consequently work towards promoting a healthy life style in relation to food, body and exercise. Only use models over the age of 16 for fashion show weeks and secure a healthy working environment by providing wholesome and nourishing food at photo shoots and shows.

Businesses must promote a healthy life style and healthy body ideals through their choice and treatment of models. During fashion weeks and other occasions where the workload is excessive models must be at least 16 years of age

The health and working conditions of models are part of securing a sustainable business. As a result taking care of the welfare of models is important. Promoting a healthy life style among employees and other business relations contributes to building a credible and sustainable brand.


  • Support a healthy way of living for models, whose livelihood depends on their bodies and looks. Help them to live healthily, sleep regularly, eat right and exercise
  • Be attentive to the influence of the fashion industry on body image ideals, especially with younger people
  • Provide wholesome and nourishing food at photo shoots and shows
  • Ensure close contact with the family as well as written consent prior to shows if a model is under the age of 16
  • Ensure access to information on eating disorders and risk behaviour as well as advice on how to spot symptoms in someone suspected of having an eating disorder
  • Work together with partners who offer anonymous, prompt and professional assistance for anyone suffering from an eating disorder of any kind


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