Learn how to be NICE

The NICE manual is a comprehensive guide for the Textile Industry, which is meant to assist you in upholding the 16 principles that constitute the Code of Conduct. The electronic version of the Code of Conduct is now available.

The NICE manual has just been updated and upgraded as a more comprehensive guide-book, in cooperation with the UN Global Compact as the forst sector-specific Global Compact Code of Conduct. The electronic version is available here.

We have increased the number of principles from 13 to 16, and now also cover jewellery and models, to mention two new areas. It gives you guidelines of how to ensure continuous improvement towards ethical, responsible and sustainable manufacturing – in relation to specific challenges and dilemmas for that industry. Thus the manual digs deeper into the questions of what it is to act NICE, why it is important to act NICE and how to act NICE – the latter through a sample of checkpoints.

The manual does not cover every aspect of how to operate ethically in the manufacturing industry, nor does it cover every legal requirement of your country. You should ensure to always follow local rules and regulations in the production country. Please inform us if you become aware of additional aspects, challenges or new ways of responding to these that we should include in the NICE manual, either by contacting us or by sending your findings to us.