Grievance system

Grievance system

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A grievance system ensures that workers have the opportunity to anonymously present matters of concern related to their employment and workplace.

A grievance system is a way to obtain information from workers about issues of importance in the workplace. Often a grievance system is the only way to get to know what workers think about working conditions, thus enabling you to listen and to help the workers in order to prevent problems or make improvements.

Freedom of association mechanisms (unions, workers’ groups/committees) can enable proper grievance systems to develop.


  • Have a grievance system in place that allows workers to report anonymously
  • If you have a suggestion box, place it where workers can make a contribution unnoticed in an out-of-the-way place, e.g. in a bathroom or a stairwell
  • Encourage workers to express their opinions, e.g. by talking about complaints and suggestions, how you dealt with them and how they made a difference
  • Provide opportunities for workers to talk with someone other than their supervisor
  • Assign a committee to be responsible for guaranteeing improvements in the working area
  • Have a system that documents your efforts

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