Disposal and recycling

Give garments new life and save the environment!

It used to be that clothes were disposed of when they were completely worn out, maybe after even being used as wash-cloths or polishing rags before they ended up in the bin. Not any more. With Fast Fashion and clothing chains that restock every week, clothes have become consumption goods that increasingly constitute a land-fill problem. In some countries (Norway is one example) the solution has been to burn the textile waste and produce energy. But the energy gained is much, much less than what goes in to the production of the same textiles; could they be effectively recycled, reused or upcycled – the energy-gain would be much greater.

The solution has been to burn the textile waste and produce energy

Collection of used clothing varies from country to country, from area to area; though many places charities base their income on this service. Some of this is sold as second-hand clothing (which has gained an up-swing because of the vintage-trend), some is transformed in to new, creative garments or gift-items; and some becomes shoddy which is used in blankets and as isolation. A few innovative companies and stores offer a voucher or a premium if you return your used garment, and the most innovative actually are able to responsibly recycle these same garments. Maybe in the future governments will demand that whoever produces something will be responsible for the product’s demise… so that what we actually dispose of must be biodegradable or recyclable.