Consumer guide

These pages are meant for you, the consumer. If you want to know more you can click into the professional site.

We buy huge quantities of clothing and textiles, shoes and accessories each year, consumption has almost doubled since 1990 – and back then we were not exactly needy. Prices have stood still as production has been moved to low-cost countries, where the products have been manufactured under circumstances that have long since been forbidden in the West. But importing goods however they are made has not been forbidden.

There has been lax control with what types of chemicals have been used in the raising or sourcing of raw materials and in the production phase. We’ll give you some examples that are not so nice. As a consumer you have an influence on both the ethics and the environmental impact of the production process of the products you buy. This site concentrates on the textile sector and offers you a tool for becoming more aware and a more responsible consumer.

We will also offer information on how to treat your garments, since your choices have a bigger impact than most people are aware of. More so than the actual production process. You can make a difference!