Copenhagen Fashion Summit is the world's largest summit on sustainability in fashion. The Summit was first held in 2009 during the UN Climate Change Conference – COP15 – in Copenhagen, and again in spring 2012 and 2014. In spring 2016 once again, the Fashion Summit gathers international key players from the fashion industry, as well as experts, NGOs, opinion makers, media and politicians, in Copenhagen to catalyze a discussion on the evolution of a successful fashion industry in a world where new business models are required to tackle the growing sustainability challenges facing the planet and our societies.

The overall purpose of the Fashion Summit and the initiatives behind is to create a movement in the fashion industry. We believe that we can make a difference — that the industry has the means and opportunity to change its way of doing business if it really wants to. Bearing in mind that whatever course fashion decides to plot, it will have an enormous effect on people's mindsets and the way they act, we also believe that we can educate and encourage consumers to make the right decisions. Fashion holds the power to create real change — for the better of people and our planet.

Changing the game
The fashion industry is one of the world's largest industries and globally one of the most polluting. It exploits human labor in developing countries in order to get cheap products fast to market. The fashion industry needs to act — now!

Copenhagen Fashion Summit strives to serve as an inspiration for solutions and opportunities. We can make a difference, and especially if we make a joint effort.